Netwex is an open source all in one decentralized, peer to peer crypto coin community developed to provide several shopping and investment opportunities. Blessed with the charms of Artificial Intelligence, with our platform it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire. Dedicated to accelerate the growth of our patrons, we turn your passive shopping and investment into active and growing wealth.

Start Trading and Augment your Wealth with NetwexSATB

Netwex coin(NXE) will provide immense value to Netwex Patrons. Continuous shopping and R&D ensures that coin value remains at peak. Shoppinig and invest with us and we’ll pass profits directly into your wallet. Start Trading and Augment your Wealth with NetwexSATB.

We've developed a revolutionary self improvising AI based trading algorithm which is  State-of-the-Art Trading Bot SATB, which can help our patrons earn substantial  bonus coins over their purchase.

Why Netwex SATB? Because unlike others it grows and improves itself exponentially, with increasing number of transactions, which in turn boosts up your financial growth.

How are we different?

We've used Artificial Intelligence instead run of the mill Static Trading Solution. This certainly, can help you gain substantially from the comfort of your own place. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Start Your Journey in 4 Easy Steps

      1-Get Onboard
      Start by registering yourself on our website.
      2-Buy & Lease
      Buy NXE Coins and Loan them to our  Platform.
      3-Reap Profits
      Once you've leased your coins, you are all set to get your share of returns.
      4-Grab The Deals
      Once you’ve the NXE you can shop branded products from our asociated portal.


Today in this era of technological advancements and digital innovation, there is an everincreasing demand for energy to power these innovations. These requirements pose a real threat to environment considering, the energy required is obtained from depletion of fossil reserves. NXE is all set to introduce one of the most advanced, self-learning and eco-friendly mining solution, a state-of-the-art waste to energy plant. In the waste-to-energy plants, bio-degradable waste will be collected, processed and transformed into clean energy. Thus, creating a sustainable culture to fulfill insatiable energy demands of the crypto currency mining projects. The efficiency, excellence, and sustainability of NXE will be driven by recovering CO2- neutral fuel from biomass and further using this fuel to produce clean energy with extremely low emissions. The energy produced willpower crypto mining farms, reducing our dependency on already scarce fossil fuels. This revolutionary method will also address Waste surplus and Energy shortfall crisis.


The Essence of Innovations and Advancements blended within Netwex coin is all set to unveil in April 2018. A total of 100,00,000 NXE Coins will be available for our initial patrons, even before NXE becomes popular / exchangable. The Number of NXE Coins to be available in the market is capped at 51,000,000.

  • Flexibility for your convenience - Coins Price Range starts at $1 and concludes  at $2.5
  • Additional Earnings! Referral Bonus upto 10%  (10% - 0.25% for 10 levels), with instant $ bonus withdrawals available.
  • Early Bird Offer! Early patrons can earn up to 30% Bonus .


TOTAL COINS - 51 Million
Coins For Sale Coins For Mining Coins for Distribution
10 Million 30 Million 11 Million


2.5 Mil $1.00 30%
2.5 Mil $1.5 15%
2.5 Mil $2.00 7%
2.5 Mil $2.5 0%